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About the Book and the Online Service

Every TSCA Regulation is Published, Updated and Preceded by a Compliance-Oriented Explanatory Text

All Regulations, Texts, Additional Guidance and the Current TSCA Inventory of Chemical Substances are Fully Searchable Via Subscriber-Only Internet Access

The TSCA Compliance Guide and Online Service is your one-stop destination for all of your TSCA compliance and information needs

Includes the most recent EPA Instruction Booklets, Policy Statements, Forms, Official Compliance Guidance, and EPA Questions and Answers, all fully searchable via your Internet Access

Every regulation (both Online and in the 6-Volume set) is preceded by a complete compliance-oriented Explanatory Text that includes:

 Summary of the requirement: A concise summary of every TSCA regulation and other requirement.

 Who is subject to the requirement: Descriptions of which types of businesses are subject and which are exempt.

 A summary of the types of information subject to the requirement: e.g., the kinds of information that must be reported to the EPA, or recorded and maintained in company files.

 A description of when compliance is required: e.g., when reports must be submitted to the EPA, and the length of time that records must be maintained.

 Special Notes provide documented compliance-oriented information that is not found in the regulations.

 Footnotes to the text accurately document each regulation and policy statement, describe results of significant legal proceedings, and provide references to Federal Register notices, the TSCA Act and regulations, and to other sources of information.

All Regulations, Lists of Regulated Chemicals, the TSCA Inventory and Testing Requirements are published and kept Up-to-Date.

 In six volumes, over 3,000 pages, updated quarterly.

Complete, fully searchable internet (Online) access. Includes the TSCA Inventory.

 Full coverage to help ensure compliance.

 A comprehensive explanation precedes every TSCA regulation and other requirement.

 Cross-references and electronic links between TSCA requirements are included via Online access.

 Precise indexing by Subject, TSCA Section, and CFR Section.

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