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"Your service makes sense out of extremely complex regulations."
     Manager, Environmental Affairs

"It is my most trusted source for solutions to real-life TSCA issues."
     Regulatory Affairs Specialist

"The ultimate guide to TSCA."
     General Counsel, Major Chemical Corporation

"I love the books. I wouldn't part with those books for anything."
     Corporate Environmental Compliance Manager

"We have just been through a comprehensive TSCA audit by the EPA, and I truly feel that your Guide was a significant edge for us. The quality of your Guide speaks for itself."
     Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Major Chemical Corporation

"I have put all my EPA guidance in the file room and keep your book here in my office to rely on."
     USEPA TSCA Inspector

"Absolutely outstanding! If I'd had your service it would have saved my corporate clients thousands of dollars for research time."
     Environmental Counsel, Major Law Firm

"Your book is the best. And your customer service is outstanding."
     Environmental Manager

"I am constantly referring to the book. It's so useful, especially with the regulations and guidance documents right there."
     Environmental Counsel, Major Corporation

"An impressive piece of scholarship that has been of immediate value to me and my staff. Your book is the BIBLE on TSCA."
     Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety, Major Corporation

"It's the first resource I always go to... the best thing on the market... It has taken the place of about 8 other books I used to use for TSCA information."
     Product Safety Manager, Major Corporation

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